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KOKO SAMOA is 100% cocoa grown and processed in Samoa.  It is a traditional Samoan drinking chocolate and is the national drink for Samoan families.

Almost every family has either a "koko" plantation or a number of trees for their own use so when you are visiting, you are often treated with a delicious cup of "Koko Samoa."

Purpose Plantations 100% organic Koko Samoa is of single origin, meaning there are no beans sourced from other plantations.  Like all "koko" in Samoa, it is processed using authentic methods of traditional fermentation, sun-drying and 'pounding' the beans into a koko (cocoa) paste which is then formed into shapes to sell.

When using "Koko Samoa" you will see and taste the difference!!!  Use Koko Samoa as a drinking chocolate, grated raw chocolate shavings, and as a healthy replacement in all your chocolate baking and cooking. A NUTRITIOUS AND RICH SUPERFOOD!

A perfect blend with our Vaoala Vanilla extract and syrup.  

Vanilla & Koko Samoa - YUMMY!!!        100% Made in Samoa 

  • 200gm packed portions
  • 100% premium & organic Samoan Cacao Paste
  • Stone ground cacao paste for an authentic Koko experience
  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegan
  • Single Origin
  • No added ingredients

Storage suggestions:  Store in a cool dry place, in an airtight container and keep wrapped in waxed kitchen paper.  Can stay fresh for up to 12 months if stored correctly.

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