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Posted by Shelley Burich on

"Well aren't I a lucky girl. What a lovely surprise in the post this morning all the way from Vaoala Vanilla in Samoa. It smells delicious! Thank you Shelley, I'm looking forward now to finding a delicious recipe for these babies."  Nicola Mills, Cork, IRELAND
"We waited with anticipation for our beautiful Vaoala Vanilla and were thrilled to receive it here in NZ within 7 days!...your delicious Vaoala Vanilla is one of a kind."  Hinemoa Key, Auckland, NZ
"...when opening the package, it is like walking into The Body Shop that only sells vanilla perfume...I've never smelt real vanilla...until's intoxicating...out of my mind...I'm in Love!"  Inez White, Wellington, NZ
"Your Vanilla Extract is the best I've tried to date and IS noticeable in the foods I've prepared where I've added your product...I'm looking forward to my next shipment."  Rhonda Urquhart, Pennsylvania, USA
"...supplying our Company with some of the best Vanilla we have seen. Great aroma, beautifully long and fragrant!...are all signs of someone who has a good command of the processes involved in properly harvesting and curing Vanilla."  Ross Appleton, Director Equagold Ltd, Auckland, NZ
"Shelley...has followed her love and is now growing some of the best vanilla in the world.  And of course we use it in our Chocolate Kitchen at She (Universe).  The fragrance, the touch, the amount of vanilla seeds inside evokes all the senses as only pure vanilla can."  Oonagh Browne, Chocolate Ambassador, She Universe Chocolates, Christchurch, NZ
"Thanks again for your delicious vanilla. I'm so happy to be able to give it (vanilla powder) as a special gift to family and friends."  Del Merrett, New South Wales, AUST
"I treasure their vanilla pods for my sugar and to cook seafood...Lovely people too...thanks Shelley!"  Alvaro H Ramos, Apia, SAM
"Love using Vaoala Vanilla in my baking."  Sonia Welch, Brisbane, AUST

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  • I bought my vanilla syrup when I was in Samoa in April but have only had the chance to use. It was beautiful spread over pancakes for breakfast this morning. Have used the vanilla extract for my baking. I ordered a second vanilla syrup on line and that is going in my suitcase for my son who lives in London. We’ll done Shelkey.

    Laisa on
  • How lucky was I to be the 3,000th person to join your Facebook page and win a beautiful bottle of your Vaoala Vanilla (Rum). Now I love my Rum and that taste of your wonderful vanilla makes a perfect drink. Love your work Shelley.

    Mark Burns on
  • I have been searching for lavalavas for quite some time and I’m so happy that I went through Shelley at Vaoa Vanilla!
    First off, the customer service is unmatched. I emailed Shelley regarding shipping and not only did she respond quickly, she initiated several follow up emails to verify that I did indeed receive my package!

    Now the two lavalavas I ordered were beautifully packaged with a note and were definitely nostalgic for me! I was searching for something similar to the lavalavas my grandpa would bring from Samoa (everything I tried to order before were generic cut pieces of bulk fabric). They were amazing! The material is a very light (muslin-like) cotton and the design is unique!

    I am so happy with my purchase and will definitely recommend Shelley and Vaoa Vanilla in the future!


    Amber A on

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