About Us

WELCOME TO Vaoala Vanilla in Samoa


The name Vaoala Vanilla signifies the name of the village that is home to the farm and the meaning of the Samoan word 'Vaoala' (Vow-ah-lah) embodies the philosophy behind the product. 'Vao' in the Samoan language means 'wooded or forest/tree area' and 'ala' means to 'awaken' or 'enlighten'.  And we interpret this as Vaoala Vanilla has awoken Shelley's passion and awareness of working in harmony with nature.


Vaoala Vanilla is a small-scale indigenous family owned business growing vanilla in Samoa whose mission is to become the country's leading vanilla industry maker. We promote natural and organic farming in Samoa and aid other smallholder farmers with vanilla cultivation, as well as providing employment and training opportunities to the Samoan village communities.

All of our products are 100% produced and packaged in Samoa. We remain true and steadfast to using age-old growing and processing techniques meaning everything is hand-pollinated, hand-processed, and hand-made.