FB Livestream #2 - 5th Feb 2021

Posted by Shelley Burich on

In this session we answer questions that were sent in by our Followers and Viewers which was a lot of fun.  We were cut off short however due to the rain and bad weather conditions cutting off our network connection.  

A surprise for this session was the amount of engagement, views and reach it got from Facebook after a couple of days of it being posted to our FB page.  Reaching over 27k and over 14k views!!!  We are ecstatic with this result because for the past 5 months and since going e-commerce and using all of our social media platforms, organic traffic driving has worked for me!!!

Being new to e-commerce and entrepreneurship I can't afford professional marketing gurus to help me with building our organic traffic, social media posts and scheduling and so I had no option but to attempt it myself. This is where #Shopify has helped me.  Providing free resources, webinars and apps to make it simple to understand and execute.

As I said before, there will be more of these to come with each one being different and according to what our Followers want to see and listen to.  So post your comments and thoughts to help us give you the content you crave for. Shelley xx

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