About Purpose Plantations in Samoa

Purpose Plantations is an indigenous Samoan organic plantation based in the villages of Fiaga, Siusega and Sataua on the islands of Upolu and Savaii in Samoa. Owned and managed by Ms Seutatia Va'ai, she is fondly known by her friends  as 'Farmerella.'  

We love Tia's spirit, passion, authenticity, organic growing principles, tenacity and commitment to producing pure organic taro, koko (cocoa) fruit and vegetables from her beautiful plantations.

The Koko Samoa we offer in our store are purchased from Tia and are sourced from her plantations located in Siusega and Sataua.  We want to provide Tia with an online platform to promote and help sell her divine koko (cocoa) all over the World. 

Tia does not have a website yet but you can find her on Facebook @PurposePlantation.